Purafill. Repeatable, clean & reliable

The Purafill semi-automatic and automatic bag in box systems were developed as a multi-functional filling solution for various products. The modern design combines ultra-hygienic filling conditions with an ergonomic work space for the operator. Products can range from liquid to viscous and may contain particulates. The system is capable of filling single bags, pouches, buckets, drums or a chain of bags via a web infeed. In addition to the Purafill Dutch Process Technology can also provide the complete production line for your products. Our scope ranges from pre-mixing, heat treatment – Log reduction, buffer vessel for finished product, transfer system to the Purafill filler up to a CIP system.


- Single bag or web input
- Ergonomic work place
- High filling capacity
- Accurate filling
- Easy to clean and to inspect
- Hygienic machine design
- Fills bags, pouches & buckets

What is Bag in Box 

Bag in Box or BIB is a type of packaging for the safe storage and transportation of liquids. It consists of a strong preformed plastic bag with a spout that is placed in a rigged container. The container can be a card board box a metal drum or a plastic foldable container. Typical products that are packaged in BIB range from detergents, wine, juice, dairy, water, oils, sauces, liquid egg, fruit & vegetable purees. 

The bags are available as singles for semi-automatic machines or as web for automated filling systems where the bag is separated by the packaging machine. Depending on the application a wide range of packaging material and spout designs can be used. The filling process can be ultra-hygienic,  aseptic chilled product or hot fill up to 85°C.

Benefits of using Bag in Box 

Bag-in-box packaging offers many practical benefits for manufacturers and end users:
- Extended product shelf life – no air goes back into the package
- Product is protected against the impact of UV light 
- Transportation and storage savings due to compact stacking
- Provides flexibility in filling bags, pouches and bulk liquid containers
- User-friendly emptying and dispensing
- Food safe repeatable hygienic filling process
- Less waste material by separating liner and packaging
- Reduced carbon footprint compared to other packaging solutions